A reliable video-conferencing application enhances seamless communication by connecting multiple users from across the world in real-time.

Key Features

Multiple configurable features that empower you to impeccably manage all the activities using your fingertips.

Automated Meeting Reports

From time spent by each participant to the overall time spent on the meeting, get consolidated reports to your mail.

Schedule Meetings Promptly

Decide on the time to host, who to invite, followed by a simple click on the schedule option, and there you go it's done!

Effortless Screen Shares

Get your fellow participants on the same page with easy and hassle-free screen shares.


Never miss important details of the meetings. Store the minutes securely for future references.

Secure Experience

Enjoy best-of-breed security to ensure the most secure video conferencing experience.

Chat with Your Team

Leverage the integrated chat option. Instantly share important notes, URLs, or any other data amidst the meeting.


Smartphones, laptops, desktops, or tablets, flawlessly collaborate with the devices that you use every day.

High-Quality Video & Audio

Relish high-definition video and audio quality. Make the meeting more lively and productive.

Shared Notes

Every participant can share notes publicly through the shared notes feature. The content can be either typed in or pasted for the team to view and download.

Whiteboard & Presentation

Participants can view and co-annotate on a blank whiteboard or over shared content and make the meeting collaborative and lively.

Breakout Rooms

Admin/Moderator of the meeting can divide participants into smaller groups for separate discussions as required.

Moderator Rights

Moderator of the meeting has exclusive powers to create breakout rooms, decide on the roles, start poll, mute users, share external video URLs, so on and so forth.

Secure Video Conferencing

Fokuz is a secure and flexible video conferencing solution with unparalleled usability features. With Fokuz, users can host a secured and structured meeting with improved communication. The video conferencing technology enables connecting multiple users on any laptop or mobile device in a secure conversation from any part of the world. With the pandemic prevailing, students and professionals need a secure platform to establish structured communication. Through Fokuz, video conferencing applications, users can get connected and converse efficiently and effectively. From breakout rooms to automated reports, Fokuz video conferencing application extends impeccable features to the users.

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